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Thank you for visiting the Pain Management Specialists of Atlanta, PC website. 

Pain Management Specialists of Atlanta, PC is proud to be one of metropolitan Atlanta's premier pain management practices. Dr. Randall Berinhout, Founder and Medical Director, began his pain management practice in Stockbridge, GA and has grown to include locations in Griffin, and Peachtree City, GA.

At Pain Management Specialists of Atlanta our goal is to reduce pain through a multidisciplinary approach and to rehabilitate the patient to a productive lifestyle. We specialize in treating all types of pain and assist individuals whose pain has not responded to conventional medical and/or surgical treatments. We are an interventional pain management practice devoted to the treatment of painful conditions, whether acute and/or chronic, to improve pain, function, and enhance quality of life.

If you are experiencing chronic pain, please ask your Treating Physician about our practice or go to the General Info page for information on scheduling a New Patient appointment. Contacting us is the first step to feeling great again! 

If you are a provider, please go to the General Info page to download a New Patient Fax Referral Form or contact our Referral Coordinator. As always, we appreciate the opportunity to participate in your patients' care. 

If you are a party to a Workers' Compensation claim, please contact our Referral Coordinator. You may also find more information about our Workers' Compensation Program under the General Info page. 

If you are aware of a patient, friend, or family member who continues to suffer with chronic pain that impedes function, adversely affects their quality of life, with no end in sight we ask that you please consider referring them to us.